DUI Systematic Strategy

DUI charges can have lasting and detrimental effects that remain on your record forever. Times have changed, and continue to do so. Gone are the days of dismissals based on who you know. With more media exposure and pressure on prosecutors and law enforcement to be more strict on DUI violators, the number of arrests and convictions has skyrocketed. So, you might ask, is it impossible to have a DUI reduced or dismissed? The answer is an emphatic “No.” We just go about it a different way.

So what does it take to have a DUI case dismissed or reduced? Since DUI cases have gained more attention, they have developed complicated and extensive case law. This case law is specific to certain aspects of a DUI case. I have developed a systematic approach to the defense of DUI cases, which utilize this case law along with my experiences.

The first stage of my systematic approach to defending a DUI case begins with a thorough investigation. The State utilizes highly trained experts, who specialize in the detection and enforcement of DUI, so why shouldn’t you? I have been trained to investigate DUI cases by the State agencies that are now prosecuting you. I have been a certified DUI investigator since 2005, and I have investigated hundreds of DUI cases.

Using my training and experience, given to me by the State, I break down every aspect of your encounter with the police. I begin with the very first time the officer lays eyes on you, and I work my way through everything that was said and done. This is because there are certain critical parts of a DUI investigation that MUST be done a certain way, by police, in order to sustain a conviction. If any one of these things is not done correctly the State’s whole investigation falls apart.

The next part of my approach is to utilize motions to have evidence suppressed based upon my investigation. I begin to break apart the State’s case until, hopefully, nothing remains to prosecute.

Allow me to begin working on your case today. DON’T WAIT! The longer I have to investigate your case the more attention I can devote to the little things that destroy the State’s case and could lead to reductions or dismissals.

Just a Couple Success Stories

DUI in Cumming: I was presented with a DUI case in which the officer claimed to have observed certain clues while conducting his investigation. There was a video of the investigation, and I was able to identify significant discrepancies with his story. These discrepancies were brought to the prosecutor’s attention during a pretrial motion, and the result was a reduction of the DUI charge.

DUI in Barrow: I was presented with a DUI case involving a traffic accident. The officer conducted his investigation but failed to follow every possible lead. I was able to identify a critical piece of evidence that was missed. I presented this to the prosecutor and the result was a complete dismissal of the DUI charge.

DISCLAIMER: Although my strategy has proven successful, all cases present different facts and circumstances. As a result, I do not guarantee results. Whether a case is reduced or dismissed is dependent upon the facts and circumstances as well as the prosecutor.