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Why should you choose Stephen Rountree

Attorney Stephen Rountree has been part of the criminal justice system since 2005 when he began his career as a police officer. He learned about the criminal justice system from the ground up. He was trained in one of the most intensive police academies in the State, and experienced investigating all types of crimes and offenses. 

Stephen then went on to become a prosecutor where he learned and experienced the prosecution side of the criminal justice system. He learned how to determine the strengths and weakness of an investigation from a prosecution standpoint. Stephen also learned how prosecutors try cases and use a jury to gain a conviction.   

 Stephen's training and experiences includes jury trials, case evaluation, strategies for presenting or suppressing evidence, investigations, report writing, and DUI detection, just to name a few. And with this training and experience Stephen is able to defend clients who find themselves up against the system. 

 Stephen has been trained to investigate and prosecute criminal cases by the very State agencies that are now prosecuting you, and he has investigated countless criminal cases both as a police officer and an attorney.

Using the training and experience, given to him by the State, he can break down every aspect of your encounter with the police. He begins with the very first time the officer lays eyes on you and works his way through everything that was said and done. This is because there are certain critical parts of an investigation that MUST be done a certain way, by police, in order to sustain a conviction. If any one of these things is not done correctly the State's whole investigation could fall apart.

Allow Stephen to begin working on your case today. DON'T WAIT! The longer he has to investigate your case the more attention he can devote to the little things that destroy the State's case and could lead to reductions or dismissals.

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